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Health-Care Partner.

We have changed the paradigm of health-care.

We have access to progressive preventative and regenerative medicine protocols from around the world to bring the leading-edge of medicine directly to you.

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Our Process.

We bring you access to the leading medical specialists for health care treatments and preventative medicine from around the world.

Treatment Without Borders.

NovaMed is your trusted advisor on all your healthcare matters, whether minor or severe, long-term or emergency.

We manage and support your healthcare so that you have total peace of mind. We break the borders an bring to you the best and most innovative diagnostic solutions and treatments from North America and around the globe.

Experts For Your Health.

In an increasingly busy world, we frequently rely on the expertise of a range of specialist advisors.

It is natural to have trusted, expert advisors to deal with financial affairs, legal matters or property purchases. However, when it comes to the most important investment of all – our health – people are often left alone to deal directly with medical experts whose advice they may not fully understand or be able to verify. Even if you seek medical opinions from multiple experts, you may be left unable to assess which advice is best for you. Especially if, as often happens, those experts disagree. The options for diagnostic and treatment is often limited by your location and insurance situation.

24/7 Health-Care Support.

Even as you sleep, you can rest assured that our specialist team is devoted to providing you and your family with the best medical diagnostics, treatment and aftercare available anywhere in the world.

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