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Drug Interaction - Pharmacogenetic Test

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Drug Interaction - Pharmacogenetic Test

Discover whether the medication you are taking is really best for you and how it interacts with other medications you may be taking.
Find out:

• whether your medicine works for you
• best available treatment options
• interactions with other medications
• your personal possible side effects
• your optimal your lifestyle Get tested today for only $499 (Includes personal face to face consultation with Certified Genetic Counselor because with NovaMed you are never alone!)

The purpose of pharmacogenomic testing is to find out if a medication is right for you. A small saliva sample can help determine: Whether a medication may be an effective treatment for you.
What the best dose of a medication is for you.
Whether you could have serious side effects from a medication The laboratory looks for changes or variants in one or more genes that can affect your response to certain medications.

Each person would need to have the same specific pharmacogenomic test only once because your genetic makeup does not change over time. However, you may need other pharmacogenomics tests if you take another medication. Each medication is associated with a different pharmacogenomics test. Keep track of all your test results and share them with your health care providers. If your pharmacogenomic test results suggest you may not have a good response to a medication, your family members may have a similar response. NovaMed recommends you share this information with your family members.

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